My kind of Sunday Funday

About once every other month I will CLEAN my room, meaning getting rid of the clutter and throwing things away. After having to spend waste too much time in the morning looking for shoes. I decided my shoe bins needed to be cleaned, I hate to throw away shoes they can be so expensive ! Anyhow this is what it looked like when I dumped my bins out on the floor.  My friends this picture doesn't even do my shoe collection justice.  This pile is about 2 foot high and 2 foot wide.  CRAZY!

After throwing away about 10 pairs of shoes to be donated this is what my closet looks like now.
Still a fair amount and I have my uggs hiding with my tennis shoes in this picture so you can't even see them.  Lesson learned, I had a bit of shoes that were old and beat and needed to be gone and I probably don't need anymore work shoes anytime soon.  Sadly, when I used to model I needed ALOT of black heels which are terribly uncomfortable and serve me no purpose since I don't wear them to work.  I live in flats!

Did I mention that I also got my new bedding in the mail?
I love my puffy down comforter and my tiffany blue sheets.  The lighting in my room is wonky the sheets are a bit brighter then that.  I want to buy a throw pillow to tie it together and a throw to put at the edge of the bed to add a bit more color as well.

I recently put together a revised budget with my new pay and student loans. UGH! Never take out student loans, they suck a major one!  After paying bills I have about $100 a week in play money, I don't know if that good or not but it sucks..that 100 has to go to prescriptions, doctors visits, hair, nails etc since i didn't budget for that.  I must say I am blessed that after my bills I have ANY money left over and the fact that I can pay my bills is a blessing as well.  I guess for 25 I'm not doing THAT bad.  I'm certainly trying to live within my means and reduce all my debt going forward.

Oh and on this Sunday Funday, I'll be washing clothes, doing a bit more cleaning and stuffing my face while watching bridezillas and stalking blogger.

Did I mention I'm going on a family vacation with my dad and my step mom and her son on Aug 8-14, I'm pretty excited.  This chicky needs a tan!

I'll be here BTW, love me some Ocean City, MD.

Have a great week everyone!