So What Wednesday.. oo1

 So what if...

  • If I have PMS and oh yes my hormones and emotion are crazy, my friends you don't ever want to imagine me pregnant.  It will be a fun time I'm sure.  I'm irritated and short with everyone and everything.  Oh and I also spend a lot of time contemplating life, decisions and well EVERYTHING.
  •  I calculated my budget today, le sigh.. and then went to lunch with a coworker.
  • I'm a work-a-holic at my FT job and I'm contemplating a PT job and volunteering.
  • I'm 26, single and not anywhere close to where I thought I'd be in life.
  • I'm a pinterest addict, enough said.
  • Oh and while I'm confessing my sins, I'm an iphone addict as well.  Since I don't have a wonderful, sexy, beau in my life I fall asleep to my phone and wake up to it.  My feet don't touch the floor before I've checked my phone.
  • I'm debating a new/used car, I'm not upside down in mine currently.
  • I go to bed at 8 and try to be asleep by 10, this girl needs her sleep!

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    Thirty One

    Hello everyone, I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!!!

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     Pink and damask- the lunch box will be mine!

    This little beauty will be in my bathroom, the rode is removable so you can use it to store TP on!

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    If I could write a letter to me..


    If I could write a letter to me....

    Dear 6 year old me: I know you don't want a sibling and you love being an only child but someday you will appreciate not being an only child.
    Dear 16 year old me: I know you think life is rough but you haven't seen anything yet.  Having someone pay for everything, getting you hair and nails done weekly and cleaning your room are your hardest choirs. Oh if you only knew.  Cherish these moments, you'll never get to be this beautiful, carefree and content again.
    Dear 17 year old me: Way to go on not losing your virginity to your first serious boyfriend, he wouldn't turn out to be anything special.  Even if he did give you a promise ring and take it back.
    Dear 18 year old me: You've interned, breezed through school and you think you have it all planned out.  Your going to go to college graduate in 4 years and teach.  Oh you'll also marry 
    Mr. Right and have lots of babies, hah NOT!
    Dear 19 year old me:  You think you've found Mr. Right aka Mark and you'll spend the next 5 years of your life trying to make it work.  Sometimes life shouldn't be that difficult or that hard in a relationship, don't sacrifice who you are or what you believe in.  PS living with Mark was a great idea, you got a small taste of real life.

    Dear 20 year old me:  Deciding you need to move away to a very expensive private college and hour away was not your best move, you'll spend the rest of your life paying for that mistake.  Remember to be greatful for all the amazing things you've had.

    Dear 23 year old me: Congrats GRAD!  You finally graduated college, 3 schools, 5 years and 3 majors later you have a BS and an AA.  Your family is so proud, always remember this moment, you did it through all the craziness of moving, relationships, family, foreclosure and more!

    Dear 24 year old me:  This year you lost your best friend, confidant and idol: your mom.  If you could've only prepared for this, you were stronger then you ever thought possible and your mom is proud of you!  Don't forget about family; that 6 ft little brother of yours can truly be counted on. Always remember those who were there for you at this time, they are the ones that will always be there for you.

    Dear 25 year old me:  You started a new job, hopefully a career and what a blessing leaving the old one was.  This year you've also become officially single and attempt to make things work again with Mark, when will you learn!  I know you want to get married and have kids, but settling is not an option.


    Let's go to the beach each, let's go get a wave

    now featuring vacation photo's !
    Sometimes * I wish I could live in Ocean City
    Always * I realize not only is it super expensive, dead in the off season but the only jobs exist within the summer and I'd rather be lounging on the beach then working for 7.25 an hr.

    Sometimes * my dad and I don't get along
    Always * I'm thankful to have him in my life but not in the blog world (sorry Dad)

    Sometimes * I wished I lived on the water again
    Always * I remember how grateful I was to grow up on the water and how nice it is to visit.

    Sometimes * I wonder how people come up with their creative ideas.  I am left handed and therefore should be very creative using my right brain.  Alas, this is severely untrue, pinterest was made for my unique taste and non creative self. (pic above is our "grass" at the condo we stayed at)

    Always * I'm blessed to be who I am and comfortable in my skin.

    Sometimes * I think the ferris wheel would be an awesome idea.

    Always * I realize EVERYTIME I get on the darned thing  I pray to sweet baby jesus the rocking on the cart doesn't mean I'm going to fall out.

    Sometimes * I wonder why I don't work out more, hello hips and thighs.  P S This is an unedited pic other then the color!

    Always * I'm too lazy and realize when I do work out it takes a lot of energy and effort to actually see results.

    Sometimes * I miss being able to lay by the pool daily

    Always * I remember that now a days, I can't wear an SPF 2 and I burn after more then a few hours in the sun and even with SPF 30.

    Sometimes * I wished I could be a beach bum, I love the ocean!  It's view anyhow.

    Always * I remember there's sharks in 'the atlantic as well as many other things and oh yeah, how would I pay my bills?  I can't be homeless and the beautiful beach would be a huge distraction on wanting to work.  I mean who wants to work 50 hours in an office with no opening windows when you can sit and feel the sea breeze?

    Sometimes * I think  I look better blonde

    Always * I change my hair color for the season and spend the rest of the year rehabbing my hair from the summer color abuse.

    Sometimes * I like to hang out with family

    Always * I try to take pictures, as proven tomorrow isn't guaranteed and I want pictures to look back on and remember.



    Poppin in from vacation!

    Im having a fabulous time resting, relaxing and baking out in the sun. Well except for today when it rained.

    If you are a member of blog lovin, please add my blog there so you never miss a post! Oh and if you'd like me to follow you, drop me a comment.

    Ill be reading from the beach lovies!

    Have a fab week!


    New look!

    Hey everyone, check out my new look courtesy of the wonderful Aubrey.

    What's everyone think????

    PS I'm on vacation starting tomorrow, a lot of beach, suntanning and boozing for this MD girl. 

    And when I return a weekly blog link up and added bloggy content!

    Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



    Friday Favorites

    TGIF EVERYONE!!!#@$@%
    I'm linking up with the wonderful Miss. Lindsey to show you what I'm loving on this Friday.

    Fireworks, these here were set up by some of the wonderful vacationers at our summer place, this was just the beginning of the 15 minute show!
    Days spent out on the boat, laying on a beach with my toes in the sand

    Days spent with Mr. Grey poolside, working on my tan.

    This time next week I'll be packing for vacation in OC, MD. Hello sun, sand, fun and shopping!
    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!