Best Self Tanning Lotion Ever

After seeing many inquiries on blogger about the best self tanner I figured I would let everyone in on my little secret.

Once upon a time (circa 2004), this girl tanned a few times a week in a high pressure bed.  Oh yes did I ever look beautiful but fast forward to September 2009 when my dad suggested a mole on my shoulder didn't look just right and I should get it checked.  I quickly made a dermatologist appointment and there I was told it didn't look just right and it should be removed "just to be sure."  Let me tell you something, if you've never had something cut out, waited 2 weeks to get life changing results, consider yourself blessed.  Thankfully, my spot contained no cancer and was most likely two of my "freckles" overlapping.  I however, will never tan again and I went from a girl that used a SPF 5 oil in the 90 degree summer of MD to a girl that wear a 50.  I will never set foot in a tanning bed no matter how much better, ahem, thinner I think I look.  Heck at one point I worked in a salon and although that was for my scare I know the benefits and risks of tanning and it isn't worth it to me.

I've tried A LOT of products: bare mineral faux tan, Jergans gradual tanner, neutrogena dark, tan towel, mystic tan and Kate Sommerville to name a few.   I'm a Polish girl so I need something that was a fair bit of color because I'm not completely pasty.  A lot of products have the harsh tell tale self tanner smell, don't have a color guide or simply aren't dark enough; this little beauty will rock your world!

This is my go to:

I bought mine at $40 at Ulta almost a year ago, so far I've gotten about 5 tans out of the bottle and I've got at least another 3 to go.  Not to bad if you consider a spray tan in MD is at least $20.

Even, natural fading.
Vanilla scent (reduced self tan stench)
Natural Color
Color Guide
Large tube

Price (well worth it my opinion)

Try it and let me know ladies!