So what Wednesday

So What Wednesday
So what..

If I've been so stressed that I've resorted to running.  My dog loves the idea, I however don't but it does clear my mind. 

If this is the last week of the quarter and therefore bonuses will be awarded in next weeks pay and mine is already spent.  So you see, I needed that new sony waterproof camera and clothes for work and my poor credit card could use some help.

If sometimes I worry about my weight and then eat a bag of puppy chow.  If you haven't tried it, it's only the best thing ever!  Rice chex+peanut butter+ chocolate and coated in powdered sugar = BEST THING EVER!

If I have iphone envy, it wasn't been a year ago I received my 4S but I'm lusting after the 5 in a major way. The worst part is I can't upgrade and keep my plan, bye bye unlimited data? No thanks!  Paying $650 for a phone might be an option one day.