Sometimes and Always..after Christmas Edition

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas~

I'm linking up again this week with the wonderful Megan over at Mackey Madness for the Sometimes and Always link up.  If yall haven't check her out, go do it nowww!! She's fabulous!
Sometimes I really HATE Christmas and the holidays.

Always I'm thankful for the family I have and being able to celebrate the holidays with them.

Sometimes I wished that I lived on my own.

Always I'm thankful that I have the most wonderful grandparents who let me live with them while I try to pay down my bills and charge me almost nothing in rent.

Sometimes I wished I had a better relationship with my father.

Always, I realize it's a work in progress and I need to let go a little.

Sometimes, I spend far too much on my appearance.

Always I'm blessed to have a little extra money here and there to get a mani and pedi.

Sometimes, when I was younger I wished I was an only child.

Always, I'm thankful I have the best, most caring, little brother anyone could wish for.

Sometimes, I wish I came from a large immediate family.

Always, I'm thankful that I have the BEST family a girl could ask for even if we are on the small side.


I'm ....

I have many guilty pleasures ie, sleeping in on the weekends (usually until about 10 or 11), Sons of Anarchy, staying in on the weekends, pinterest etc etc.  One of my more favorite things to do now that it's cold and Christmas time (see money is tight) is blogging hopping on the weekends.  Thank you to everyone that has a good list of blogs they read on their blog, I greatly appreciate it!  Anyhow, whilst blog hopping today I found this little diddy.

A fill in the blanks of sorts.

I'm weird because:
I hate being single but I hate going out to the bar
I can be completely stubborn even though at time I have trouble sticking up for myself
I don't like ground beef but I do eat steak, even if it's only about once every 6 months
I'm a bit of a homebody, I spend 80% of my time at home when I'm not at home
I love all things pink, sparkly, ruffled and girly even at 25
I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to work yet I can be a bit disorganized and forgetful
I love to buy make up and hair products
I already have a rough idea of my engagement ring, wedding, house, future kids, kids rooms etc.  Thank you pinterest!
I can't sleep without something covering me not matter how hot it is, I feel protected
I must get atleast 8 hours of sleep or im no good
I hate to be late hence I don't have to be at work until 8am, yet I typically arrive before 830
I hate getting my blood drawn, yet I have a tattoo and a piercing.  Did I mention I had my tongue pierced?

I'm a bad friend because:
I can be antisocial, it's nothing personal
I typically will text you before I call you and therefore make 99% of my plans this way

I'm a good friend because:
If I care for you, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
I love to hang out and do nothing or go shopping :)
If you need my I'm there
I try to give honest, good advice, even if it isn't what you want to hear

I'm sad because:
I hate the holidays, it just isn't the same without my mom
I haven't finished my christmas shopping
My bonus was a few hundred dollars less then anticipated

I'm happy because:
I have a happy healthy family
I have a job..PERIOD
I have a job that I love to do and work for a company that's awesome!
I can pay my bills and afford some luxuries
I know 2012 is going to be a great year, I can't wait to see what happens next!

I'm excited for 2012 because:
I have 3 weeks vacation to use
I'll turn26 (it's bittersweet friends)
I'll be at my job for a year in May
I hope to find a good man (anyone know any good guys in MD, hook a sista up!)


Sometimes and Always

This week I'm trying something new from a wonderful new blog I'm following,Megan over @ Mackey Madness,

The name of the game is to state something you sometimes do and something you always do.  Here we go!

Sometimes work kicks my butt.

Always, I am thankful I have amazing coworkers, so will not only help me get through the bad days but share the workload within a moments notice if needed.

Sometimes I miss my old (higher) paycheck

Always, I'm thankful I changed companies and position.  The company I currently work for believes in it's people, relationships, team building, rewards for hard work and promoting from within.

A gift from my field office in Wisconsin.

Me and said gifts

Sometimes, I life is hard.

Always, I know that god won't give me more then I can handle and everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't single.  I mean come on single ladies, who wants to cuddle in the cold alone or go to stag to holiday parties, weddings etc.

Always, I know there is a plan and I will someday fine the one that's right for me, even if I do believe he's taken fair too long already.


How the Glitz Stole Christmas Blog Swap

I've never been sooo excited for something around the holidays since my mom passed away, it's just not been the same.  However, I was soooo thrilled to participate in another blog swap this time with glitzy, glammy stuff!  I am after all a glam fairy underneath it all!

My swap partner was the lovely Stephanie from @ Red Stilettos.  She sent me a wonderful handmade ornament that had glitter and pearls on the inside and feathers as an accent (LOVE LOVE LOVE).

My package also included:

2 nail polish colors (one in pink glitter, LOVE)
A white scarf with lace
2 different scents of melty wax
A pink picture frame (I've been lusting over it at hobby lobby, boy does this girl take a hint well)
And a wonderful handmade card.

I hope she likes her gift as much as I loved mine!