How the Glitz Stole Christmas Blog Swap

I've never been sooo excited for something around the holidays since my mom passed away, it's just not been the same.  However, I was soooo thrilled to participate in another blog swap this time with glitzy, glammy stuff!  I am after all a glam fairy underneath it all!

My swap partner was the lovely Stephanie from @ Red Stilettos.  She sent me a wonderful handmade ornament that had glitter and pearls on the inside and feathers as an accent (LOVE LOVE LOVE).

My package also included:

2 nail polish colors (one in pink glitter, LOVE)
A white scarf with lace
2 different scents of melty wax
A pink picture frame (I've been lusting over it at hobby lobby, boy does this girl take a hint well)
And a wonderful handmade card.

I hope she likes her gift as much as I loved mine! 


  1. Love the frame AND the ornament. You got hooked up girl!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the frame. Our hobby lobby only ha white & black, which is great but nothing is better than PINK!

  3. woah! That frame is adorbs. As is that ornament. Homegirl got you a ton of stuff, I'm so glad you loved it all!! Thanks so much for participating in our swap. I think it was a big hit and we're probably going to do it next year!!!


  4. ok I need I need I need that pink frame. Cutest thing ever. and of course LOVE the scarf. Thanks sooo much for swapping with us!!

  5. I LOVE that pink frame!! I need!! :) I love your blog, new follower!

  6. LOVE the frame and the scentsy stuff is the best! Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog!