Friday Confessional


{1} I confess: this has been an AMAZING work week for me.  Not only have I not needed to pull a ton of OT, I've been able to get everything I needed done (including my hardest client) and have time to get to the things I haven't had time previously to get it.

{2} I confess: the longer I'm single, the less tolerance I have for dating and guys BS.  I was SUPPOSED to meet a guy for a first date and he had to go into work, so we scheduled for the next day (his day off) he then proceeded to try and cancel or push back the date even later.  Um, not happening!  It's a first date, if you can get your ish togather to meet me then it's not that important to you and therefore not that important to me.  On to the next one.

{3} I confess: I cannot wait for the newest blog swap from "A momma's desires and pacifers," its all about bling and glamourousness. SCORE! I cannot wait bling is well my most favorite thing EVER!  I already have a few ideas up my sleeve and can't wait to get my partner so I can start on her things.

{4} I confess: I have no plans this weekend and no money to make any plans.  Oh and I'm not going to get as much OT as usual from here on out so I'm going to be strpped for sometime.  Thankfully, I'm consolidating my 5 school loans and that'll give me a little more freedom to pay those bad boys off quicker!

{5} I confess: I haven't bought a single christmas gift yet (so unlike me) and I'm not excited for Christmas either.  I don't have the money nor do I want the family drama.


  1. Girl, I know about holiday family drama! Happens every year here and I cut it out or rather my hubby did! Sorry about the dating thing!

  2. Very cute blog! I found you through the linky;) Glad you had a good work week!

  3. Totally with you on #2 and #5 haha!

  4. I hope things get better asap! Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!