get to know me

Just a little something for everyone to get to know me a little better.. I love answering one off questions!

Guilty pleasure?
Shopping or getting my nails done.

I can't travel without?
Iphone, nook color, big purse.

Recent splurge?
Black Tory Burch Reva's, I've been lusting after these for some time and now that my flats are beaten up and smelly I had the perfect reason/excuse to by them.  I figure why not splurge and get a good pair of shoes that will hopefully last at least a year. 

My go-to flower?
Rose in a pinky orange color.

In bulk, I buy?
Shampoo and conditioner.

I sleep on?
A full size bed with a puffy down comforter and tiffany blue sheets.

Comfort food?
Recently, baked ziti, this little place by work makes the BEST for 8.00 SCORE!

For breakfast?

For dinner?
During the week something small on the weekends, pizza or steamed crabs.

Love/hate relationship with?
myself, my life.

Can't stop watching?
Sons of Anarchy, best show EVER!

Best online shopping find?
My current iphone case, 14.95 that includes a screen cover.  It's cute, stylish and durable.

Crushing on?
No one :(

Every girl should have?
Confidence in herself.

My style in five words?
simple, pink, girly, comfortable

I love wearing?
My ugg boots, my 2010 splurge and I wear them almost every weekend.

Dream job?
I'm still not sure, but I love my current job.  Maybe something where I could work from home a few days a week when I have kids (maybe) one day.

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