Go Shorty It's Ya Birthday Day..

Sunday was my 26, ahem 25th (for the second time) birthday.

At work we celebrate Friday, Friday morning I came into this.

My old boss decorated my cube with balloons and a sign.  How sweet!  Love her!

That day we got to leave early to do a team building bowling even with another team.  How awesome is it that on a Friday we got out at 3 pm to be able to bowl, drink and eat finger foods.  I'm blessed it's true.  OH and we also had one of these..

Saturday I book happy hours at a few different bars down town..good times!
The crew 


I can't even remember taking most of these pics!  I'm truly blessed to know some amazing people, have job that I love and a family that supports me. 

Sadly, on my actual birthday I slept most of the day and took birthday pics in my pjs.  I cannot do 2 hours of sleep!  I'm getting old!  I had cake with the fam and exchanged cards, very low key.




I am daughter, older sister, college graduate, former model

I want to find love, true love + be happy with me and everything around me
I have the best friends a girl could ask me, too many thoughts
I wish I could find my Mr. Right.
I hate being in a akward relationship
I fear being alone, failure.
I hear the tv
I search for happiness
I wonder why bad happen to good people
I regret nothing, you learn from everything
I love my friends, family, my job, pink, anything girly
I ache to be loved fully, for the rest of my life
I always push myself
I usually am really hard of myself
I am not weak
I dance when im happy
I sing in the morning on my commute or when im getting ready
I never give up
I rarely am positive
I cry less then i used to
I am not always happy but i try to be greatful
I am confused on men and love
I need to get my head straight
I should be single :/
I promise to always be me, honest, open and telling you things you never knew you wanted to!