Miscellany Monday

1. Hurricane Irene hit MD, thank goodness it had a reverse tide so we were spared the horrible flooding that other places got.  Thankfully, our power never went out and we didn't recieve any damage at all.  Irene was a nasty bitch to most though.

2. Becasuse of sad nasty bitch, my work is out of power and thusly I'm off work today.

3. I've wanted to blog but when I open up blogger I kinda of go blank.  I have ALOT to say and alot has been going on (mostly negative) I don't know that I'll ever write it out.

4. I've been on two dates with a really nice guy, one of which he even made me dinner after work.  The weather cancelled our third date plans but I may go visit him at work today.

5. Friday we had a half day of work and then a work sponsored crab feast. HOW AWESOME! Free crabs and beer .. makes me one happy girl.  I had a blast bonding with coworkers and even went to my bosses house for an hour after the party. GOOD TIMES!


Sephora Haulage Update

A review from a few pieces of my sephora haul:

MUFE: HD Microfinish Powder I know some bloggers LOVE this, maybe I'm not using it right but I wanted it to set my make up and control the oil.  It's $30 for a fairly small jar of what some users have called just Talc.  Either way I was hoping for something miraculous, I didn't find it.  I'll be searching for something cheaper that can control my oil and set my foundation.  I didn't see the amazing flawless finish either. Overall rating: 2 out of 5.

Kater Sommerville Tanning Towels
I bought the 2 pack for $10 at Sephora, not to bad to try it out.  Overall, the product applied easily but had no color guide so you couldn't see where you had applied or if you missed any spots.  Also, the towel dries rather quickly so you have to keep moving.  One towel did my whole body and the color has natural looking on my tan olive toned skin.
Overall: 4 out of 5.

Brazilian Peel : Clear Kit
It's not secret my skin has been freaking out 2 weeks out of the month and the added stress haven't helped.  I has almost every kind of pimple and it's worse then it's been in my entire life.  I saw this and it promised to help lighten acne marks, improve smoothness, less acne and unclog pores.  I'm currently on week 3 of 4, you use the peel weekly and the pads daily (ok, I haven't been great about this).  The peel is warm when you mix it and will sting any open pimples but other then that it doesn't burn or leave your skin red.  I did notice my acne marks are mostly gone and my skin feels smoother after using it.  However, my acne hasn't seemed to lessen any, but that could be that I don't use the pads daily.  Overall, it delivered most of what it promised and i'd buy again to help fade my ace marks and exfoliate my skin even if it is a little pricey at $60 for a 4 week supply.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.