Miscellany Monday

1. Hurricane Irene hit MD, thank goodness it had a reverse tide so we were spared the horrible flooding that other places got.  Thankfully, our power never went out and we didn't recieve any damage at all.  Irene was a nasty bitch to most though.

2. Becasuse of sad nasty bitch, my work is out of power and thusly I'm off work today.

3. I've wanted to blog but when I open up blogger I kinda of go blank.  I have ALOT to say and alot has been going on (mostly negative) I don't know that I'll ever write it out.

4. I've been on two dates with a really nice guy, one of which he even made me dinner after work.  The weather cancelled our third date plans but I may go visit him at work today.

5. Friday we had a half day of work and then a work sponsored crab feast. HOW AWESOME! Free crabs and beer .. makes me one happy girl.  I had a blast bonding with coworkers and even went to my bosses house for an hour after the party. GOOD TIMES!

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