Friday Confessional


{1} I confess: this has been an AMAZING work week for me.  Not only have I not needed to pull a ton of OT, I've been able to get everything I needed done (including my hardest client) and have time to get to the things I haven't had time previously to get it.

{2} I confess: the longer I'm single, the less tolerance I have for dating and guys BS.  I was SUPPOSED to meet a guy for a first date and he had to go into work, so we scheduled for the next day (his day off) he then proceeded to try and cancel or push back the date even later.  Um, not happening!  It's a first date, if you can get your ish togather to meet me then it's not that important to you and therefore not that important to me.  On to the next one.

{3} I confess: I cannot wait for the newest blog swap from "A momma's desires and pacifers," its all about bling and glamourousness. SCORE! I cannot wait bling is well my most favorite thing EVER!  I already have a few ideas up my sleeve and can't wait to get my partner so I can start on her things.

{4} I confess: I have no plans this weekend and no money to make any plans.  Oh and I'm not going to get as much OT as usual from here on out so I'm going to be strpped for sometime.  Thankfully, I'm consolidating my 5 school loans and that'll give me a little more freedom to pay those bad boys off quicker!

{5} I confess: I haven't bought a single christmas gift yet (so unlike me) and I'm not excited for Christmas either.  I don't have the money nor do I want the family drama.


get to know me

Just a little something for everyone to get to know me a little better.. I love answering one off questions!

Guilty pleasure?
Shopping or getting my nails done.

I can't travel without?
Iphone, nook color, big purse.

Recent splurge?
Black Tory Burch Reva's, I've been lusting after these for some time and now that my flats are beaten up and smelly I had the perfect reason/excuse to by them.  I figure why not splurge and get a good pair of shoes that will hopefully last at least a year. 

My go-to flower?
Rose in a pinky orange color.

In bulk, I buy?
Shampoo and conditioner.

I sleep on?
A full size bed with a puffy down comforter and tiffany blue sheets.

Comfort food?
Recently, baked ziti, this little place by work makes the BEST for 8.00 SCORE!

For breakfast?

For dinner?
During the week something small on the weekends, pizza or steamed crabs.

Love/hate relationship with?
myself, my life.

Can't stop watching?
Sons of Anarchy, best show EVER!

Best online shopping find?
My current iphone case, 14.95 that includes a screen cover.  It's cute, stylish and durable.

Crushing on?
No one :(

Every girl should have?
Confidence in herself.

My style in five words?
simple, pink, girly, comfortable

I love wearing?
My ugg boots, my 2010 splurge and I wear them almost every weekend.

Dream job?
I'm still not sure, but I love my current job.  Maybe something where I could work from home a few days a week when I have kids (maybe) one day.


Everyday I'm Blessed

Yesterday I went to visit my moms mom. Recently her husband, my grandfather went into the hospital for surgery on skin cancer and they found out he has cancer in his liver as well.  He's currently in a nursing home since when he was in the hospital his Alzheimer and dementia really showed itself.  Sadly, his cancer is terminal and he will be staying in a nursing home permanently. 

It's been a rough 2 years for my grandmother with the passing of my mom, her own health troubles and now my grandfather getting sick and more recently cancer. Please pray for her.

Being over there yesterday I tried to soak up every bit of history she had and any morsal she had to throw to me.   It got me to thinking, you never know what life has for you or how long you are blessed to be on this earth.  Live everyday like its your last, love hard and often and help anyone you can.

I hope everyone is well and welcome to any new friends!


Heart Therapy: Fears

I was blog wandering this Tuesday and came upon this wonderful blog and an even more wonderful link up.  I think too often in bloggy world we put up a front, many don't show the real life if you will and only the happy moments.  My blog is my little space and just like my life it's filled with real emotion, thoughts and feelings..whatevers happening in my life you can find it here.  So as my personal therapy tonight..a little heart therapy!

Tonights topic: fears

  • I have a crazy fear of death, always have and have had panic atticks when I was as little as 10.  After loosing my mom last year I'm even more afraid to die.  Not just death itself but how, when, what happends, I'm no huge fan of uncertainty and there's alot in death.  I guess if I had my way I'd like to know when and how so I can better prepare.
  • I have a fear of failure: at work I'm my own biggest critic, I work atleast 45 hours a week and typically work through lunch and arrive early.  I strive for perfection I'm everything I do when it comes to work, I take it personally when I make a mistake and feel like I'm letting my boss and my company done not just myself.
  • I fear being alone: truth be told I'm seriously afraid of being alone.  I want to be married, have babies and live happly ever after, it's totally on my 5 year plan. I thought by 25 I'd be married and probably have babies, sadly that's not the case.  There's not even a marriage in my near future. Le sigh.  Does anyone know a good man in MD?
  • I'm afraid of heights: I didn't realize this until I went zip lining in Mexico.  Climbing the steps to go 60 feet up in the air in a ricktly made tower gave me anxiety like no other.  I had to literally use the hand rail and push myself up the steps, once I got to the top I shook like a leaf, I did zipline and repeal and no, I'm not anyless afraid.  As a matter of fact, I couldn't complete the zip like due to sheer terror and I decided to walk myself back threw the jungle with a wonderful Mexican man instead of going on with my group.

Did I mention I repelled in flip flops?  Oh and I also fell against the podeum because of said flip flops.  Yup, true story!