Sometimes and Always V 01.24

Sometimes.. I think I need to work out more, who am I kidding.  I think I need to work out PERIOD because I'm a lil chunky.
Always.. I go back to not working out (except this last week, I've be working out in the am via strength training ala pinterest)

Sometimes, I miss my mom more then words can imagine.

Always, I'm greatful to have had an amazing women as her raise me.  Pictures are on my desk at work of me and mom, me and my wonderful friend becca and the whole family at my dads wedding.  Did I mention they're in sparkle frames?

Sometimes, I think too much and analyze too much.

Always, I can find a quote that says exactly how I feel.

Sometimes, I take pictures of the sunrise from my wonderful view at work at 715 AM.
Always, my favorite part of the day is driving home and over the bridge looking at the sunset and the water. It's calming and my guilt pleasure.

Sometimes, to destress I search pinterest.
Always, I look for funny things.  You see at work we send out funny pics with a lot of the emails we send to teammates (20+ people) to make things a little bit less structured.  I'm always looking for something new and different to use.

Sometimes, I forget to take a breath.

Always, I look down at my ring (a remembrance of my mom, it's an aquamarine(her birthstone) eternity band that says mom and the date she passed away)


Sometimes and Always V. 01.10

Sorry I've been so scarse, I don't know if anyone even reads this things regularly.

HELLOOOOOO, World, Is anyone out there?  Is this thing on???

Anywho, my grandfather is still in the hospital but thankfully out of ICU since yesterday evening, they are however proposing about a week of inpatient rehab before he finally comes home.

Sometimes I wished I lived alone.

Always: I'm blessed with wonderful grandparents who allow me to live with them while I pay down my debt and charge me little rent.

Everything happens for a reason

Sometimes  I wished my life turned out differently.  I thought by 25 I'd be married, with kids and a SAHM.  Oh and did I mention my mom would be alive?

Always I realize everything happens for a reason even if you don't understand it now.

Sometimes I'd liketo lose 10 to 20 lbs.

Always I realize I will never be my high school weight again, let it go girl, let it go!

Sometimes I dislike the MD weather.  It's currently 50 outside but yesterday it was 40 and snowing even though the weather man only called for rain.

Always I couldn't imagine living anywhere else, I couldn't be without my family or my steamed crabs.

Sometimes I wished I was a better, more famous, more popular blogger.  IE Mrs. Raven (Mama's desire and Pacifiers.

Always: I realized I'm not as funny, witty or charming as her and therefore I will continue to blog as the true me and if people don't like it or don't read it thats ok too.

And just a little thought of the day, with everything going on with my grandfather please please PLEASE everyone remember to be greatful!!  Nothing is promised and even something realitively minor can become something rather large ie my grandfathers 3 days surgery/hospital stay turning into a 6 days stent in ICU.