Show and Tell Monday: My Career/Job

1. Tell us what you studied in college. Is your job now related to what you studied?
I studied Early Childhood Education starting in my Jr. year of High School completing
HS with an internship and college credits. I then went to community college for 2 years and transferred to a very expensive private school where I decided I didn't want to teach after all.  Finally, I transferred to the school my father worked at (hello, tuition remission!) and decided to switch to business since it was a general degree and I could buy myself more time to decide what I wanted to be when I grow up.  Long story short, I have a degree in Business Administration and I work in Business for a international staffing firm.

2. Tell us what your everyday job looks like.
My typical day starts around 8 where I deleve into at least 2 spreadsheets at any given time and Peoplesoft.   I spend all day working in various excel spreadsheets, calculating, verifying data and working with my office and clients.  I deal with PO's, payroll and customer service.  I work for a staffing company and deal with billing for Oversea's GOVT accounts, my technical title is "Business Operations Associate."

3. Do you have a picture of you at work? Show us.
(Last year's Xmas card and candy from my office in Wisconsin)
4. In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing? Same thingMore? Tell us.
In 10 years, I will be working with the company atleast at a promoted level, what that looks like exactly well, I'm still VERY unsure.  However, one thing is for certain I love the company I work for!

5. Tell us what you have learned, and what {if any} recommendations you may have for those looking to go into the field you are in.
Staffing is a difficult field to be in that is faced paced, goal driven, deadline driven and economy based.  Most day's I bust my butt to give my clients the best service I can while upholding the companies policies and procedures.  I love what I do and I hate accounting! I'd say if you graduate from college and your unsure what you want to be when you grow up check out your local staffing company. Depending on the economy they may just be hiring and if you work for a large company like I do the opportunities and corporate culture are unbeatable!