That b*tch Sandy

So I reside on the wonderful east coast and more specifically in Maryland.  This is what we're currently facing:

The lady on the bottom left, Sandy well not only is she larger but she's also slower moving then her cousin Irene that devastated Maryland a few years back.

How serious is it?  Well my work closed LAST NIGHT before the storm has even close to DC.  As a matter of fact the storm still hasn't made  just yet and it's going to come a little lower then originally predicted (NJ) and may make landfall in Maryland.  Remember those beach pics I posted earlier in the summer?  It's already  our little beach town about 3.5 hours away.

R.I.P Ocean City fishing pier.  I have quite a few pictures from this pier and while I'm sure they will rebuild it's certainly a piece of history

They are predicting the storm should make landfall sometime earlier this evening and the biggest treat is flooding due to the bay, flooding due to the 6 -12 inches of rain we are expected to recieve and 50-60 MPH winds knocking out power. So far so good.

My prayers to everyone riding out this storm, I shall update when after the storm has passed.


Friday Letters v101912

Happy Friday Friends!  It seems like it was just last Friday and I couldn't believe the week had went by as quickly as it did.  Guess what? Another Friday is wrapping up and I can't believe it, another week down 42 weeks down in 2012 to be exact, 10 weeks left and we'll be in a new year, can you believe it?
Unlike everyone else out partying on a Friday night after a long hard week I'm sitting at home enjoying the quiet of an empty house and the rain outside with the windows open.  Oh and gangland playing on my TV, don't judge.
I could make a typical post about Dear Work, Dear Traffice, Dear Big Ass, I don't have time nor do I want to bore anyone on the typical Friday post.  Instead let's discuss one of the many lessons I've learned this year.
Here's a one of my 2012 life lessons:
Your boyfriend can turn into a best friend long after you've broken up- My ex boyfriend and I have what spans 8 year worth of a relationship from being my first love, my first long relationship etc to first person I run to when my life's a mess, first person I run to when there's a death, first people I call to vent about my new dating life.  Yes, it's true I will always love him but that love is much like I have for my brother, I support him and wish he finds someone that would make him happier then I ever did but more importantly I'm so blessed he was ever in my life.  Back in the day when we first met I wasn't even 17 and I liked his friend.  Eventually, after months of talking I met him where he was working part time and we switched numbers and talked on the phone and for almost a year we talked on and off until eventually we became a legit couple.  The next 6 years of my life were a mass of heartache, loss, growth and change.  My ex was even a pallbearer for my mother despite the fact that we weren't talking nor together when she passed away.  I've come to the decision that despite we are both good people we weren't good together but that doesn't change the fact that when I do meet Mr. Right, he can thank my ex for putting up with all my bratty, selfish, immature and trying times.
You never know when someone will have a huge impact on your life or just play a small supporting role, we have no real control over who stays and who goes and sometimes best laid plans become the complete opposite of everything you ever thought.  Some of my closest friendships (my ex included) have a less then perfect past, but hell my past is far from perfect.
So my thought for this weekend, be thankful for every person in your life, tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.  I'm blessed to have had amazing people in my life. Some that have always been there, some that only stayed for a short time.  Everyone has taught me, tested me and ultimately helped me on my way.
exactly my thoughts.... 
Oh and I have an amazing new opportunity I cannot wait to tell everyone about!  Post coming soon!



Does that make me crazy.. [a link up]

 I must say everyone should be pretty happy I've taken off my make up for today and I'm completely beat from yet another 10 hour day at work. Otherwise, I would VLOG myself singing Cee Lo Brown's Does That Make Me Crazy..thank your lucky stars my friends I am not the singer my grandparents tell me I am. I'm so excited to bring everyone a new and FRESH link up! So without further ado.. Does that make me crazy ....

If you knew me IRL you'd know I typically work something like a minimum of 50 hours a week. Why? The answer is quite simple not only do i LOVE what I do, I strive to give 110% everyday to my company, my bosses and my clients. If that means, I work 50 hour weeks in my quest for perfection then so be it.

Oh and addition to a long work week I work a few times a month modeling for a little extra spend money, socialization.
Speaking of work I work with about 100 other people on my side of the building.  As such I've picked up alot of bad pet peeves.  It WILL drive me crazy is I hear you loudly crunching on your food especially pita chips, raw carrots etc.  Does this not sound like nails on a chalkboard to anyone else?

I have an IPhone 4s that is in MINT condition yet I totally priced out what the new IPhone 5 would cost out of contract and how much I could get for said 4S.  FYI, if you have Verizon you will lose you unlimited data plan if you try to use your upgrade on the 5, however if you purchase it out right you can keep your current plan!  Said Phone costs over $600 out of contract! Oy!!!

My favorite thing to do on the weekend...NOTHING! A typical weekend looks like one day of rest (cleaning/washing clothes) and another day of errands.  I hate to be a person that is constantly on the go and well that's my M-F.

Did I mention M-F I leave as the sun is coming up and head home as the sun is setting?

I cannot leave work without checking that my little portable heater is turned off atleast 5 times which also includes unplugging said heater and double checking it's unplugged. 

I also can't go to bed without telling both my grandparents goodnight, who knows that the night will bring and I cannot not say goodnight.

Oh and by Saturday night I'm so bored out of my mind I can't wait for Monday to get here so
I can go back to work. Oh,  yes it's true.  I enjoy time with my family, friends, relaxing, shopping, walking the dog etc but work makes me really happy and well..that makes me CRAZY!!!