Does that make me crazy.. [a link up]

 I must say everyone should be pretty happy I've taken off my make up for today and I'm completely beat from yet another 10 hour day at work. Otherwise, I would VLOG myself singing Cee Lo Brown's Does That Make Me Crazy..thank your lucky stars my friends I am not the singer my grandparents tell me I am. I'm so excited to bring everyone a new and FRESH link up! So without further ado.. Does that make me crazy ....

If you knew me IRL you'd know I typically work something like a minimum of 50 hours a week. Why? The answer is quite simple not only do i LOVE what I do, I strive to give 110% everyday to my company, my bosses and my clients. If that means, I work 50 hour weeks in my quest for perfection then so be it.

Oh and addition to a long work week I work a few times a month modeling for a little extra spend money, socialization.
Speaking of work I work with about 100 other people on my side of the building.  As such I've picked up alot of bad pet peeves.  It WILL drive me crazy is I hear you loudly crunching on your food especially pita chips, raw carrots etc.  Does this not sound like nails on a chalkboard to anyone else?

I have an IPhone 4s that is in MINT condition yet I totally priced out what the new IPhone 5 would cost out of contract and how much I could get for said 4S.  FYI, if you have Verizon you will lose you unlimited data plan if you try to use your upgrade on the 5, however if you purchase it out right you can keep your current plan!  Said Phone costs over $600 out of contract! Oy!!!

My favorite thing to do on the weekend...NOTHING! A typical weekend looks like one day of rest (cleaning/washing clothes) and another day of errands.  I hate to be a person that is constantly on the go and well that's my M-F.

Did I mention M-F I leave as the sun is coming up and head home as the sun is setting?

I cannot leave work without checking that my little portable heater is turned off atleast 5 times which also includes unplugging said heater and double checking it's unplugged. 

I also can't go to bed without telling both my grandparents goodnight, who knows that the night will bring and I cannot not say goodnight.

Oh and by Saturday night I'm so bored out of my mind I can't wait for Monday to get here so
I can go back to work. Oh,  yes it's true.  I enjoy time with my family, friends, relaxing, shopping, walking the dog etc but work makes me really happy and well..that makes me CRAZY!!!

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  1. Crunching on raw carrots may just be THE most annoying sound ever! Closely followed by crunching on apples and slurping coffee. If it's too hot to drink wait til it cools down! There is really no need to make THAT much noise while drinking! Aaargghh!

    Sorry, went off on a bit of a min rant there ;-) Thankfully the colleague that does those things no longer shares a room with me. And breathe...