Happy Hour

Wow, friday is here already? Boy how times flys when your having fun or in my case crazy busy at work.  I could really use a drink right about now.
First things first my "friend" D was deployed to Egypt the yesterday, I've yet to hear from him and well I won't be content until I know he's ok.  Theres a 7 hour time difference between Egypt and Maryland and his flight was 13 hours, I can only image.  D and I have a bit of a history, I met him threw my ex M and him and M are not only friend but partners at work.  M is crazy jealous and would never allow D and I to date so we eventually did on the side and it didn't work out.  D is crazy hot and 10 years old them I am with a teenage daughter but he made me very content and happy.  D and I eventually stopped talking and would flirt here and there threw text and that was it.  It continued on up until he deployed and we'd been talking on a daily basis (texting) and he admitted he had feelings and we'd see where it goes since he's always for a year.  I really hope it can work out but a year changes alot of things and it's a sticky situation with him away and us not really an item.  So in the mean time I'll just be me.
Speaking of which, I'm extremely impressed with myself in the last month or so I've been incredibly strong, I'm actually SINGLE for the first time since I was 17.  I liken it to being and addict but in my case I was addicted to love.  I think it's completely necessary that I finally just worried about me and not any guy related drama.  It also gave me more time to focus on family and friends both of which I've terribly missed.
Speaking of friends my co-worker moved onto her next project with the company and thus her last day in the office was today.  I will miss her but she's been a rock, she's seen me threw guys, break ups, my moms death, family drama, work drama and much more! I bought her a friendship frame and she bought me a "forget me knot" charm for my Pandora bracelet, I'm truly blessed with amazing people in my life.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful start of their weekend!


Wee bit of Wednesday

{one} have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
I don't think technically I have but it was gotten stuck for a few minutes and I flipped out!

{two} have you ever ridden on an elephant?
Yes I have, my dad used to work in the city for a police department and concidently the circus was in town and I was able to ride an elephant.

{three} have you ever met a well known celebrity?

{four} do you have any food allergies?
Uh, nope.

{five} do you know how to sew?
I learned in middle school and I could if I needed to although not well im sure.

{six} did you get an allowance when you were young?
Nope, I would get money when I needed it.

{seven} how often do you fill up your gas tank?
Every two weeks.

{eight} have you ever been stung by a jelly fish?
no, thank goodness.

{nine} have you ever been robbed?
No, but I did have a ring at school stolen.. I had to take it off for gym and someone stole it.

{ten} what is the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
Well much of my younger childhood until about 10 or so I used to get things wrapped up in my hair so I always had like a long bowl cut.  Sooo horrible!


Happy 25th Birthday to Me!

My actual birthday was yesterday, the big 2 5.

I celebrated at work on Thursday, since we were off on Friday for Easter.  This is what I walked into Thursday Morning.   As you can see there are pink streamers hung from the ceiling, balloons hanging from the ceiling, balloons on the floor, confetti on my desk and much much more!

 My happy Birthday crown and pin.
My confetti'd desk..they were stars, balloons, happy birthday sayings.

In addition,  I beautiful flower arrangement, lunch at Olive Garden, a gift certificate for a SPA DAY and happy birthday sung to me with my very own birthday cake back at the office.

I honestly, couldn't have asked for a better response for my bosses.  It's good to know they appreciate me and all my hard work and it doesn't go unnoticed.  I could really use a raise but this made me feel so much better and able to hold out a little bit longer.

Yesterday my family sang happy birthday to me as we typically do and gave me cards, very low key and typical.  I had some very sweet cards and a little extra cash is always nice.

I decided I was going to actually make a deal of it and get a few girlfriends togather (even if it is Easter weekend) and go to my old bar I worked out.  I have a hook up and I wanted everyone to not break the bank to come out and have a good time.  In the end it was my childhood best friend, my middle school best friend and a girl im cool with from high school.  We had an amazing time and they even brought out a sparkler champagne bottle.

Sadly, even though I thought I would surely be the one sick, one of my girlfriend passed out cold.  I've worked in a bar for a while and I've never seen someone go out cold like that.  Once the bar security carried her out she stood up said she was fine and passed out away.  It was soo scary! I've never seen that happen and I knew at that point she couldn't drive home nor be home alone by herself overnight. Eventually, my girlfriend and eye took my other girlfriend home and thankfully her mom was there watching her daughter so I knew she would be safe.

Overall my 25th birthday was a success on all fronts and I feel immensely blessed to have such amazing people in my life.


Things Thursday: What I'm looking forward to this weekend

1. Having off tomorrow, it IS my birthday.

2. My 25th birthday on the 22nd (Friday)

3. Spending time with my family on easter

4. No longer having to worry about school (for this semester anyhow)

5. Shopping with my birthday money!

6. Putting more money down on my credit card bill

7.  Seeing how much my insurance will go down since I will now be 25.

8.  Spending time with my old and new girlfriends this friday for a little get togather at a local bar on Friday.


Wee bit of Wednesday

{one} how often do you do laundry?
Once a week… Usually on Saturdays a Sundays..the only days I have time anymore.

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
Buy a house- no really, I look forward to being able to afford one and I'm close at the moment but not quite there with my finances, 2000 would help me acheieve that goal.  I'd also pay down my student loans.

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
I liked Child Development and Oddly enough Tech Ed, maybe because both the teachers rocked hard core

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
Nope, my god mom left her honeymoon in one though.

{six} what was your high school mascot?
A patriot.

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
Nope, I'm not great with heights and being confined to a small spaces for months at a time is not cool.

{eight} how often do you go dancing?
Never, I may go to the bar once a month or so on average but it's not to dance but to socialize.  Truth be told I'm not good at dancing.

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
Depends how long.. would I rather fly or drive to say Mexico.. I'd rather fly but if it's within a 5-6 hour drive, I'd rather drive.

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
No… I don’t think I’ve actually ever re-gifted.



Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for this week:
  1. My amazing job and coworkers that are more like family.  I work hard, but I love *almost* everyday at work. 
  2. An amazing, crazy family that has my back through anything and thats always the soft spot to land if I need them.
  3. My friends: I have a very few close friends and I'm truely blessed by them, some of known for a long time and others are rather new.  At the end of the day when I need them, they are there!
  4. My health, I've been blessed to be rather healthy and free of no major complications.
  5. The sunshine, oh how I've missed it with the rainy days we've had in MD recently.
  6. My christmas gift from a friend: my huge khaki coach with purple accents. I'm a pink girl very obviously but it's pushed me out of my comfort zone and it makes me feel closer to said friend.


From Florida to Maryland and Back..


My first work trip out EVER is done.  I went to St. Petersburg Florida from Wednesday until Sunday.  It was amazing!  Not only was the weather beautiful but I gained a lot of independence.  First off, this is only my second flight in my entire life and my first alone.   To say that I've gotten the hang of flying is a bit of a stretch.  All and all I navigated threw BWI well, I had no problems checking my bags or at security since I arrived two hours early.  My flight down was 2.5 hours and went off without a hitch.  I even managed to get myself to the shuttle and to the hotel without a problem.

(Me at Tampa International)

I must say it was amazing to leave the mid 50's here in Maryland and go to the mid 80's with sun.

As soon as I got in I went to the pool. Besides learning at the conference I had one other objective: GET SUN!  I'm getting pale, it's almost mid April and I need a tan badly.  I even sprang for the $10 tiny bottle of SPF 30 kids sunblock, even with that I could only last 2 hours in the sun.

All and all the conference was amazing, I met alot of nice people and connected with a few people that do the exact same thing that I do.  That itself is priceless~!  I've learned that I love meeting new people and I can be independent, I even toyed with moving to FL until I realized I'm not ready to be 100% on my own and leave my family states away!  I even stayed the weekend as an early birthday gift to myself it was great to spend a day by the pool and get a massage and facial.

Calgon take me away!

I felt like I had so many things that I wanted to blog about however, it all escapes me. All and all I had a great time.

Things I learned while away:
  1. Always ask the hotel staff- about the area: places to eat, things to do etc.  I didn't and therefore spent alot of unneeded money on room service because I didn't know there was a grocery store right behind the hotel.
  2. Opt for a rental car- the added expense is worth not being stuck in a hotel with no other options but an expensive taxi.
  3. Bring more then one extra outfit and clothes, you never know when plans change.
  4. Look into hotel perks, I paid $10 a day for hotel internet when if I signed up for their club (it's free) I would've gotten the internet free.
  5. If given the option to stay the weekend, do it!
  6. Make friends, exchange business cards..network, network, network!
  7. Relax, you're there to learn and in order to take everything you need to take a deep breath and live in the moment (so not like me).
I flew in last night around 7:30 and got home around 8:15, which in my world was enough time to unpack and be in bed before 10.  I got into work before 9 since I'm still closing out the month and being away 3 days left me severely behind.  I worked until 7:30 tonight and I believe I'm getting back on track to be done by the end of the week.  Tomorrow I have another seminar, although this one is half day. GAH!  Oh and while I was gone I also had to type up my part of the group paper and I completed my mid term before I left.

Goodness, no wonder why I'm flying around crazy, I've got so much on my mind.


Monday Mayhem

For starters it's that dreaded time of the month for anyone who does accounting: MONTH END.  I typically need to have all 18 communities and one company financially closed and ready for the next month by the 15th.  I've been doing the "financials" since December of 2010, it's getting easier but it's not without it's troubles.  While I did major in Business I hated accounting and finance and that's what I'm doing in my day to day job now.  Therefore, I don't remember as much as I should and it isn't the easiest for me since I've never done any accounting in the real world not to mention with the program we use.  No fear though, this Wednesday I leave for Florida for training on said software and I'm excited and overwhelmed all at once.  Not only do I have a midterm due Wednesday but I'm also in the middle of month end, which I'll lose two days working on while I'm away. AHHHHHHH

Thankfully, I've started my mid term and I just need to edit and revise at this point.  I also need to work on my group project but thankfully that can when until I return as my rough draft needs to be submitted Sunday.

I've got so much to do and my head is literally spinning, it's so important for the company that I get as much information and bring it back so I can work for efficiently and with less outside help.

Not to mention my grandmother is recovering from knee surgery so I'm trying to help out as much as possible there as well.


Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome everyone!  This is my personal blog full of rants, musing, photos and weekly posts!  Please look around and feel free to follow me, I LOVE friends!
A little on me:

My name is Holly, I reside in Baltimore, MD and I love it here!  I graduated in 2009 with my Bachelors in Business and currently work as on Office Manager for an property management company.  I do 80% of the accounting for my company as well as all the properties we manage, my job is crazy, stressful and at times down right hard but I love it.

I have the most amazing family and friends, although both are small I can't be more blessed.  In September of 2011 I lost my mother.  To say it's changed my life, doesn't truely give it justice.

I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Marketing and wow, just wow!  It's not soo easy with working 50 hours, juggling family and trying to focus.

I'm currently single after a 5 year on and off relationship, it's liberting, lonely and a bit sad.

Welcome everyone!  Please make yourself comfortable, won't you stay for awhile!


Friday Confessional


I confess.. I'm absessed with pink..if it comes in pink I MUST have it.  Pink things I own are: pencils, pens, stapler, countless notebads, computer, camera, jackets, shirts, makeup. coasters etc etc etc.  I once even had a pink room.

I confess.. I'm a shopoholic.. I go a few times a month.  My favorite thing to shop for: clothes, make up and handbags.

I confess..I hate accounting, but I am the sole accounting person for my company and I love my job.

I confess.. my life has not been easy, my parents had a rough divorce, my mother and I grew apart and more recently my mother passed away.  However, I won't let it bring me down, god knows what you can handle and I can handle more then I once believed.