Monday Mayhem

For starters it's that dreaded time of the month for anyone who does accounting: MONTH END.  I typically need to have all 18 communities and one company financially closed and ready for the next month by the 15th.  I've been doing the "financials" since December of 2010, it's getting easier but it's not without it's troubles.  While I did major in Business I hated accounting and finance and that's what I'm doing in my day to day job now.  Therefore, I don't remember as much as I should and it isn't the easiest for me since I've never done any accounting in the real world not to mention with the program we use.  No fear though, this Wednesday I leave for Florida for training on said software and I'm excited and overwhelmed all at once.  Not only do I have a midterm due Wednesday but I'm also in the middle of month end, which I'll lose two days working on while I'm away. AHHHHHHH

Thankfully, I've started my mid term and I just need to edit and revise at this point.  I also need to work on my group project but thankfully that can when until I return as my rough draft needs to be submitted Sunday.

I've got so much to do and my head is literally spinning, it's so important for the company that I get as much information and bring it back so I can work for efficiently and with less outside help.

Not to mention my grandmother is recovering from knee surgery so I'm trying to help out as much as possible there as well.

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