Happy Hour

Wow, friday is here already? Boy how times flys when your having fun or in my case crazy busy at work.  I could really use a drink right about now.
First things first my "friend" D was deployed to Egypt the yesterday, I've yet to hear from him and well I won't be content until I know he's ok.  Theres a 7 hour time difference between Egypt and Maryland and his flight was 13 hours, I can only image.  D and I have a bit of a history, I met him threw my ex M and him and M are not only friend but partners at work.  M is crazy jealous and would never allow D and I to date so we eventually did on the side and it didn't work out.  D is crazy hot and 10 years old them I am with a teenage daughter but he made me very content and happy.  D and I eventually stopped talking and would flirt here and there threw text and that was it.  It continued on up until he deployed and we'd been talking on a daily basis (texting) and he admitted he had feelings and we'd see where it goes since he's always for a year.  I really hope it can work out but a year changes alot of things and it's a sticky situation with him away and us not really an item.  So in the mean time I'll just be me.
Speaking of which, I'm extremely impressed with myself in the last month or so I've been incredibly strong, I'm actually SINGLE for the first time since I was 17.  I liken it to being and addict but in my case I was addicted to love.  I think it's completely necessary that I finally just worried about me and not any guy related drama.  It also gave me more time to focus on family and friends both of which I've terribly missed.
Speaking of friends my co-worker moved onto her next project with the company and thus her last day in the office was today.  I will miss her but she's been a rock, she's seen me threw guys, break ups, my moms death, family drama, work drama and much more! I bought her a friendship frame and she bought me a "forget me knot" charm for my Pandora bracelet, I'm truly blessed with amazing people in my life.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful start of their weekend!

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