Friday Confessional


I confess.. I'm absessed with pink..if it comes in pink I MUST have it.  Pink things I own are: pencils, pens, stapler, countless notebads, computer, camera, jackets, shirts, makeup. coasters etc etc etc.  I once even had a pink room.

I confess.. I'm a shopoholic.. I go a few times a month.  My favorite thing to shop for: clothes, make up and handbags.

I confess..I hate accounting, but I am the sole accounting person for my company and I love my job.

I confess.. my life has not been easy, my parents had a rough divorce, my mother and I grew apart and more recently my mother passed away.  However, I won't let it bring me down, god knows what you can handle and I can handle more then I once believed.

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