That b*tch Sandy

So I reside on the wonderful east coast and more specifically in Maryland.  This is what we're currently facing:

The lady on the bottom left, Sandy well not only is she larger but she's also slower moving then her cousin Irene that devastated Maryland a few years back.

How serious is it?  Well my work closed LAST NIGHT before the storm has even close to DC.  As a matter of fact the storm still hasn't made  just yet and it's going to come a little lower then originally predicted (NJ) and may make landfall in Maryland.  Remember those beach pics I posted earlier in the summer?  It's already  our little beach town about 3.5 hours away.

R.I.P Ocean City fishing pier.  I have quite a few pictures from this pier and while I'm sure they will rebuild it's certainly a piece of history

They are predicting the storm should make landfall sometime earlier this evening and the biggest treat is flooding due to the bay, flooding due to the 6 -12 inches of rain we are expected to recieve and 50-60 MPH winds knocking out power. So far so good.

My prayers to everyone riding out this storm, I shall update when after the storm has passed.


  1. Oh no! Stay safe girl! Sending prayers & good thoughts your way!

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