Sometimes and Always

This week I'm trying something new from a wonderful new blog I'm following,Megan over @ Mackey Madness,

The name of the game is to state something you sometimes do and something you always do.  Here we go!

Sometimes work kicks my butt.

Always, I am thankful I have amazing coworkers, so will not only help me get through the bad days but share the workload within a moments notice if needed.

Sometimes I miss my old (higher) paycheck

Always, I'm thankful I changed companies and position.  The company I currently work for believes in it's people, relationships, team building, rewards for hard work and promoting from within.

A gift from my field office in Wisconsin.

Me and said gifts

Sometimes, I life is hard.

Always, I know that god won't give me more then I can handle and everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't single.  I mean come on single ladies, who wants to cuddle in the cold alone or go to stag to holiday parties, weddings etc.

Always, I know there is a plan and I will someday fine the one that's right for me, even if I do believe he's taken fair too long already.


  1. Sometimes I wish I wasn't single either! One day though! :)

  2. I took a new, lower-paying job this year too in order to have a better work environment and it was the best decision ever! I know how you feel.

  3. I found your site through FTLOB and I just wanted to say hi! I'm into photography like you and hope to be opening an Etsy shop sometime very soon, if I can ever come up for a name! I look forward to returning and reading more great posts.

  4. I did the link up too! I just became your newest follower and love it so far! Don't be sad about being single girl...I ALMOST missed the love of my life while I was trying to make an old relationship work, because I didn't want to be "single". It's better to wait for Mr. Right than settle for Mr. Wrong. xo