If I could write a letter to me..


If I could write a letter to me....

Dear 6 year old me: I know you don't want a sibling and you love being an only child but someday you will appreciate not being an only child.
Dear 16 year old me: I know you think life is rough but you haven't seen anything yet.  Having someone pay for everything, getting you hair and nails done weekly and cleaning your room are your hardest choirs. Oh if you only knew.  Cherish these moments, you'll never get to be this beautiful, carefree and content again.
Dear 17 year old me: Way to go on not losing your virginity to your first serious boyfriend, he wouldn't turn out to be anything special.  Even if he did give you a promise ring and take it back.
Dear 18 year old me: You've interned, breezed through school and you think you have it all planned out.  Your going to go to college graduate in 4 years and teach.  Oh you'll also marry 
Mr. Right and have lots of babies, hah NOT!
Dear 19 year old me:  You think you've found Mr. Right aka Mark and you'll spend the next 5 years of your life trying to make it work.  Sometimes life shouldn't be that difficult or that hard in a relationship, don't sacrifice who you are or what you believe in.  PS living with Mark was a great idea, you got a small taste of real life.

Dear 20 year old me:  Deciding you need to move away to a very expensive private college and hour away was not your best move, you'll spend the rest of your life paying for that mistake.  Remember to be greatful for all the amazing things you've had.

Dear 23 year old me: Congrats GRAD!  You finally graduated college, 3 schools, 5 years and 3 majors later you have a BS and an AA.  Your family is so proud, always remember this moment, you did it through all the craziness of moving, relationships, family, foreclosure and more!

Dear 24 year old me:  This year you lost your best friend, confidant and idol: your mom.  If you could've only prepared for this, you were stronger then you ever thought possible and your mom is proud of you!  Don't forget about family; that 6 ft little brother of yours can truly be counted on. Always remember those who were there for you at this time, they are the ones that will always be there for you.

Dear 25 year old me:  You started a new job, hopefully a career and what a blessing leaving the old one was.  This year you've also become officially single and attempt to make things work again with Mark, when will you learn!  I know you want to get married and have kids, but settling is not an option.


  1. Love your letters miss! Found your blog on Ashleys page and wanted to say hello!

    Newest bloggy friend + follower of yours!

    Say hi back sometime?


  2. Letters to yourself this is such a great idea. Settling is never an option your right, and people dont change they are who they are. You deserve to be happy and to be with someone that makes you happy :)
    Saying hi from Fridays link up

  3. Love these letters! I did the same thing...tried to make it work for 5 years with the wrong guy. Silly me!!

  4. awww love this idea!! so clever! found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo