Let's go to the beach each, let's go get a wave

now featuring vacation photo's !
Sometimes * I wish I could live in Ocean City
Always * I realize not only is it super expensive, dead in the off season but the only jobs exist within the summer and I'd rather be lounging on the beach then working for 7.25 an hr.

Sometimes * my dad and I don't get along
Always * I'm thankful to have him in my life but not in the blog world (sorry Dad)

Sometimes * I wished I lived on the water again
Always * I remember how grateful I was to grow up on the water and how nice it is to visit.

Sometimes * I wonder how people come up with their creative ideas.  I am left handed and therefore should be very creative using my right brain.  Alas, this is severely untrue, pinterest was made for my unique taste and non creative self. (pic above is our "grass" at the condo we stayed at)

Always * I'm blessed to be who I am and comfortable in my skin.

Sometimes * I think the ferris wheel would be an awesome idea.

Always * I realize EVERYTIME I get on the darned thing  I pray to sweet baby jesus the rocking on the cart doesn't mean I'm going to fall out.

Sometimes * I wonder why I don't work out more, hello hips and thighs.  P S This is an unedited pic other then the color!

Always * I'm too lazy and realize when I do work out it takes a lot of energy and effort to actually see results.

Sometimes * I miss being able to lay by the pool daily

Always * I remember that now a days, I can't wear an SPF 2 and I burn after more then a few hours in the sun and even with SPF 30.

Sometimes * I wished I could be a beach bum, I love the ocean!  It's view anyhow.

Always * I remember there's sharks in 'the atlantic as well as many other things and oh yeah, how would I pay my bills?  I can't be homeless and the beautiful beach would be a huge distraction on wanting to work.  I mean who wants to work 50 hours in an office with no opening windows when you can sit and feel the sea breeze?

Sometimes * I think  I look better blonde

Always * I change my hair color for the season and spend the rest of the year rehabbing my hair from the summer color abuse.

Sometimes * I like to hang out with family

Always * I try to take pictures, as proven tomorrow isn't guaranteed and I want pictures to look back on and remember.


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  1. I think it would be so awesome to live on the beach!! And yeah, I never workout either. And the hips are definitely growing! UGH!!

    Thanks for linking up!