She's leaving on a jet plane..

In 11 days I will be Florida bound for an accounting software conference for property management companies.  I'm an Office Manager at a Property Management Company in MD and I do (almost) all the accounting work for the company.

The map above shows where I'll be staying which is St. Petersburg Florida, at the Hilton where the conference will be held.  I fly out of Baltimore Wednesday at like 10am and should arrive by 2ish, I then plan to soak up some sun before I have to get back to business the next two days. On Thursday and Friday I'll be doing 8 hours of training each day, then I fly home Friday night.  Lets just say that I'm more than excited, this is my first business trip and my first trip alone!  Oh and did I mention I've never been to Florida either?  I know I won't have time to do much but I do plan to see the pier.

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  1. Have fun on the business trip even though it's work! Welcome to the blogging world. I'm liking your site. Found your site through FTLOB. Now that I'm following you I look forward to reading more of your posts!