Thursday Thoughts


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Anyone ever have those most fabulous mornings?  I am!  I woke up early, stayed on time getting out the door, hit little to no traffic and got to work 15 minutes earlier then usual. Oh and I also got the most awesome sleep!  I hope everyone else's day is off to a fantabulous start!

My thoughts on this Thursday:

1. Tomorrow we get our bonuses! Fabulous!  We get paid weekly and since we get paid on a Wednesday that makes two checks this week. Awesome!!!!!  Sadly, said bonus goes right to my credit card bill.

2. Next week I leave Monday for Wisconsin, I'll be there until Wednesday mid day on business, I love to see new things!

3. Next week starts the begining of a new quarter at work, oh the possibilities!

4. I'm in 2 fall blog swaps and I'm over the moon! Who doesn't love suprises and free stuff!  Did I mention I love to buy for others.  WINNING!

5.  Fells Point Fesitval this weekend-

I'm going with my best friend from Kindergarten and her daughter and maybe meeting up with a coworker.  Oh how I love me some fall weather and outdoor festivals!

1 comment:

  1. yay for traveling,I wish I was going somewhere! That festival sounds fun too!