Swapoween Update

I absolutely had the best swap partner a girl could ask for -- Ms. Paige!

How awesome! Not only did she include candy, a cute pen, socks, more candy and the neatest polish strips! I love everything beauty and these babys are a girly pink with glitter! I cannot wait to try these! Sadly I'm rocking the gel polish for a business trip so that'll have to wait a few weeks.

Did I mention I'm updating from my new iphone 4s. Ladies if you don't have an iPhone your totally missing out, walk don't run to your nearest iPhone retailer!

I'm leaving Monday for Wisconsin and I'll be back wednesday. Hello crazy trip and a short week, I'm excited but really need to pack ASAP.

Hope everyone is well!


  1. So cute!! And LOVE the iPhone - totally agree!



  2. Cute goodies! What else is in that adorable Halloween bucket???
    Did you get your package sent off okay?