Sometimes & Always #18

Sometimes I wish could be a SAHM, hey I've even entertained the thought of a SAHM without the kids.  Honestly though, I grew up with a mom who worked until I was 6 and then stayed at home until 18 I always thought I'd be a SAHM.  However, once  I was about half way through college, had realized how gosh darn expensive life is I decided while it's a dream it probably won't happen.  That is unless I marry rich, I don't see that happening.

Always I will be blessed to just be able to A. get married, B. have children.  In my family "female problems" are prevalent as are miscarriages and early delivery.  Who knows if I'll be able to have children and sometimes it keeps me up at night .

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have grown up rich.

Always I realize that I was given exactly what I was meant to have, strife and all.  At some point you have to make your own way and even if I have to work until I'm 60.

Sometimes I stop, calm myself and realize how truely blessed I am.

Always I remember there's a boy that's had my heart since 05 and I couldn't be happier we're together again.

Sometimes I shop online and add things to my cart but never buy them because I'm poor my friends!

Always I will continue to window shop online..see my newest obsession..

Sorry for the blurry picture but this baby isn't even out yet, it's on preorder from the wonderful Michael Kors.  It's the MK Hamilton Logo and yes it will be mine!

Sometimes, I'm not sure how I'm going to host enough parties to be truely successful at thirty one.  I don't have a huge goal, just to supplement my income with $200 a month.

Always, I will try what I know, network, blog world, facebook, friends and family.  Please note you can have an ONLINE party and not live anywhere close to me!  All the fun rewards, half priced or free items and none of the party planning, cleaning or the like!  If a friend books a party after yours I'll give you a free gift! Also, if you'd like to have your own business where the sky is the limit, please message me!  (Link below to my shop, if you'd like to browse, order or set up a party)


  1. I used to sell Thirty One too!!!


  2. Your list is similar to mine! New follower. Found you from the link up! :)