Friday Happy Hour

Happy Friday Everyone~!

I hope everyone has amazing things planned for this memorial day weekend.  Me personally, my family has a summer place out in the country and that's where you can find me when the weather is warm.  I look forward to hanging by the pool, working on my tan out on the boat and relaxing a bit more before I start my new job on Tuesday.

I've also made a few more steps towards photography and I'll be taking my point and shoot this weekend with me to capture all the weekend fun!  Oh I'll also have my nook as well for reading by the pool :)

I'm pretty much all packed up and ready to go I just need to get in the shower, hit the gas station and drop something off at the post office.  My plan is to leave early and hopefully miss hitting most of the crazy holiday traffic. I also will be stopping at a Cupcake Store... I recently changed my phone wallpaper to a cupcake one that says Sweet..in term I know crave cupcakes like no tomorrow and luck would have it there is a shop on my journey.  I will take pictures of those as well!

I'd love to participate in or even host a blog swap, how many people would be interested?

PS I've also followed ALOT more blogs this week with my free time, I look forward to getting to know more people and hopefully having more people want to get to know me as well!

Have a wonderful, safe, fabulous weekend everyone! I'll be in touch soon!

Smart and Trendy Moms


  1. I'd be into a blog swap! :)

  2. Found ya on FTLOBs!

    Hope you capture some sweet images this weekend!

  3. HI Holly! I opened up Grateful Sundays this week, and I hope you'll still consider joining us! It'll be open through Tuesday!