Fresh Start

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend.

I relaxed at our summer place and spent most of my time lounging by the pool and laying around the house.  It was amazing to just feel calm and peace again before I started my new job.  The pool got the best of me though, and after 5 hours in the sun with an SPF 30 (I used to only wear a 5) I got burned on my shoulders, chest, arm, thighs and face.  I usually burn and tan the next day, not this puppy!  I finally look better TODAY and that's after not being in the sun yesterday.  Thankfully, I'm finally getting that golden glow and the pain has subsided.

Today was my 2nd day at my new job, please welcome the newest business office associate!  I love love LOVE the company I work for so far.  Although, I took a pay cut to come to my new company there is more growth, better benefits and the options of quarterly and yearly bonuses as well as profit sharing!  Oh, and did I mention they have a crab feast in August where we get off a half day and get to eat crabs, drink and socialize with my coworkers!  Plus my direct supervisor and upper supervisors as well as everyone I met is super friend, helpful and nice.  Training was long today, but I'm happy to have formal training for an entire month, a week where I shadow, a week on in class training and then I'm on my own I believe with some help of course.

I couldn't be more thrilled, as of now I'm certain I made the right decision.  The job seems to be completely doable but not boring although it will be tedious.  Here's to hoping !

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  1. Glad to hear you are loving your new job! How amazing does that crab feast sound?! Lucky lucky!