As long as I can remember back to being a little girl if my mom had a bad day we would shop til we dropped.  Right out of high school I continued my shopoholic habits and quickly learned that I couldn't keep up with my spending and maxed out my first credit card.  Said credit card has been paid off every year and charged up again.

This Friday with my first week at my new job ending, it was apparent I was in need of more work clothes since the jeans and flip flops I'd usually wear are no longer acceptable.  I needed more dress pants and sandals.  So I hit the outlet mall which is conveniently 5 minutes from my new job.

I bout these pants from the limited:

I have the hardest time finding pants that fit me, at 5'4 im right on the cuspt of regular and short.  I bought these pants in black and the darker khaki.  I got the short but I think with washing they are a little too short and with time these pants stretch a bit so maybe I can get into the next size down.  I may be returning the other pair.  I'm not sure yet, I love the stretchy more fitting fabric, I hate the pants that look all baggy in the thigh area. They had a sale and with my school ID I did fairly ok with pricing.

I also got these shoes which I had to call and special order from Anne Taylor since they are no longer in stock anywhere.

Ann Taylor LOFT sandals (see more flower shoes)

Are these note the CUTEST shoes EVER!  Who doesn't love shoes in a nutural color with rhinestones..LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I also bought shoes from aerosoles, I always thought they were an old lady company but they had some cute shoes and I hope theyll be more comfortable then my usual Nine West's.

For those ladies who wear dressyish shoes to work, which brand do you wear?

I also bought these:

I already have them in black and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them, they are comfortable and they sparkle..perfect in my world.  Best yet..I got them online since they no longer make them for $30 instead of $80 SCORE!!!!

Needless to say, my shopping was BAD!!  I need to lay off for quite some time.

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