To new beginings

The 13th of May was my last day of work, I finished out the day packed my things and wanted to leave my resignation letter.  However, our internet was down and I was unable to access the file. So sadly I had to wait until Saturday to give my resignation.  I felt a million things when one makes such an important life decision: scared, nervous, worried etc etc.  Thankfully, my boss took it as well as she could and there was little drama involved.

I've used the last week in a half to interview, relax, clean and think about the future.  Thankfully, I believe all my interviews went well and I should know something soon.

I've learned a few important things from my times at my old company:
1. If you take on more stress, you should be paid more.
2. If your company can barely make payroll, RUN!
3. Go with your gut, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't.
4. Yes a relaxed company is cool but without some structure it will surely fail.

Im excited to move onto the next chapter of my life!

My family and friends have been amazingly supportive and helpful during this process.  I couldn't be happier with the way they've been.  I'm supremely thankful to be blessed in both areas.

I hope to me more active in the future and improve my blog with link ups, give aways and more!

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