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Hello blog friends, sorry I've been a little inactive this week but I've had alot going on.

I'm currently debating leaving my job of 1.5 years, the company has changed, I stepped down from my position and am currently training a new person who knows even less about what I do then I did when I started.  Basically, we needed someone in accounting and instead we hire someone who doesn't know much about accounting other then the very basics and I'm supposed to train her and have her take over the position I couldn't handle. WTF! I stepped down because I didn't know enough and you bring someone else in who knows even less again, WTF! I couldn't be more pissed. I work for a small company it used to be Me, The President of the Company and one other girl.  Now we've added on 2 other people and the presidents business partner is now involved.  I had such a personal care and dedication to seeing the company succeed and now it's hard to step back and see the higher ups make the wrong decisions and know that my opinion no longer matters.  Not only that but its the bosses daughter they brought in, she's great and all but she's supposed to help accounting therefore I shouldn't have to train her. I must admit I stepped down WILLINGLY, I was tired of having no life, working crazy 50-60 work weeks and always being stressed.  This situation doesn't make me feel any better, not only did I feel like I failed because I couldn't grasp the accounting but now a bigger failure.  Not to mention my boss is unstable at best, in a week I'm luck if shes in 3 days out of 5, shes typically in and bad mood and treats me like CRAP.  Anything that goes wrong in blow way out of proportion ALWAYS. She's unappreciative of what I or anyone else does and will threaten to fire any employee at the drop of the hat.  I'm tired of being unappreciated, over worked, underpaid and treated like crap.

I can't tell you how bad I want to say screw you and walk out! However, apart of being grown is having bills and I don't have enough in savings to just up and quit and just let a job find me when it does. For the first time I'm looking at it as I don't have someone to fall back on I don't have my mom to help me out of a bind. I have me, if I leave I'll support myself on my very little saving and my credit cards and that's not really what I want to.  I'm putting my big girl panties on despite however hard it may be.

Everyone wish me luck on the hunt and send me your good vides and patience because I'm about to loose it.

Also, does everyone what to see more personal journal type posts or not?

*edit, I gave my resignation today via email to my boss*

wish me luck!

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