God doesn't give you more then you can handle..

I've survived the recent months since my moms death by the motto: god doesn't give you more then you can handle and it's all part of the bigger plan.  I believe everything happends for a reason, even though it may be unclear at the time, or atleast that what I've been telling myself.

That is until I've found out the recent truth about a certain person in my life.  Not only are they abusing pain pills but they've become an addicted to them.  It's progressed from an over usage to a snorting..to most recently a horrible depression and nastyness.  I've justified what happend to my mother to some extent but honestly this I cannot explain.  I mean really, I lost my mother 10 months ago and now this!  One would think I'd have a credit or something.  I have no idea what to do..this person admits having a problem but isn't ready to fix it yet..legally there isn't much you can do.  Quite honestly it's ripping my family apart at the seams, we've all turned inward and have become depressed, worried, anxious and much more.  I mean what else is there to do when your so helpless in this situation..it's a bad ride for those of us who are aware.  It's a feet to try to protect those who don't know and this person and protect yourself at the same time.

I can't possibily bury another family member, i can't handle it nor could my family.  I don;t want to even let it get that far, I don't want to have those thoughts.

Bare with me bloggy friends while i get threw this..I'm trying to process and figure this all out.

Onto something positive: I got a mani pedi today and I'm now the proud owner of pepto pink toenails and a french manicure made of gel polish.  I couldn't be more thrilled about the last, my nails are thin and only grow a fraction of an inch before breaking and I love me some french manicure however it usually chips within 48 hours.  I'm looking forward to spending atleast the next week with flawless nails (hopefully 2).

Sunday to do:
  1. Finish laundry
  2. Grocery shopping
  3. Apply self tanner

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  1. Visiting from comment love. You are in a super rough situation. I do not know how I'd handle it. And it stinks you lost your mom so young. My dad died when I was 27 (I'm 29 now) and that was horrible. Much, much, too soon to lose a parent, especially a best friend, as my dad was to me!

    It was fun to bop around your blog a big. We have lots in common! We have some similar items on our bucket list, still trying to figure out life, and grief. I sure wish we didn't have grief in common, though.