3 things Sunday

Here's something a little different..my list of 3 products I can't live without.

1. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

Although this is a bit pricey at $25 a tube it's a godsend!  I have horrible dark circles that I've never had another concealer that will cover 100%, this will!  I've tried EVERYTHING from creams to make my dark circles disappear to drug store and almost every high end concealer out there.     This has a  creamy consistency and a little goes a long way.  Typically, a tube will last me a year with daily use!  I also use it on any redness, pimples etc.  If you have horrible dark circles like I do, I'd highly suggest trying this!

2. My Santias Skin Care Regime

I currently use this daily.  In the morning I use the acne cleanser and at night I use the glycolic acid cleanser.  They have moisturizers, masks, scrubs, eye treatments and so much more.  This for me has actually controlled my recently uncontrollable stress acne.  It's also more on the natural side, big plus!

3. Lorac Tantalizer

Since I haven't been getting out in the sun as much as I like and I don't have nearly the amount of color I'd usually have I use this daily.  It works perfectly on my semi tan skin and has a little bit of shimmer, it looks totally natural but glowy.


  1. That concealer sounds amazing! I'll have to keep a look out for it and grab some :-)

  2. Concealer and mascara are like the two things that i could NOT live without! Love this list!

  3. gonna have to check out that lorac tantalizer. I am obsessed with bronzers!!

  4. ahhh I am so going to have to try that concealer! I recently found on that doesn't dry out my undereyes, which kept happening, but I want to try this too! Is it moisturizing?