Rough start to the week

Here I sit friends, tylenol and advil'd up after a wonderful morning spent with my endodontist and a wonderfully swollen face.

I was almost excited to get to the endodontist this morning all abit mad that I had such a late appointment (845) after being in pain for the last few months.  However, I got there and they had NO ac.  It was already a nice 85 degrees outside and it was hotter in the office. Fabulous!

The wonderful doctor looked around and told me if I had time he wanted to rootcanal my tooth again, so I obliged.  After some novicane, a few adjustment of several fans to cool both me and the doc we started the procedure.  Thankfully it was only about 30 minutes or so because had we been at it longer the doctor would've surely sweated on me..yes friends sweat dripping from his face on my face as I sit there helpless!

I decided I should be ok to go  back to work (not wanting to miss anymore time then I had already) and made it to work at 1030. SCORE!

I thought that my rough morning would be the worst of my day..boy was I wrong!

I called my step mom after getting out of work and she said my dad had something he wanted to tell me but wouldn't tell me until I got home because I get upset. 

Before she gets off the phone to give it to my dad she tells me my grandmom was in an accident, that why her car wasn't home. All I could say was OMG OMG OMG OMG and start crying.  My dad tells me yes grandma was in an accident but she's ok and will be heading to the dr tomorrow.  Her 6 month old car however, is probably totalled.

My grandmom is quite a bit shook up since she's been having driving anxiety lately but physically she seems ok other then a little sore.  I'm truely blessed and thank god she's ok, the car is material but you can't replace my wonderful grandmom.

Here's to hoping everyone else is having a better week!

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