Maryland Girl

Did I ever mention I'm a Maryland girl?  I was born, raised and still reside in Maryland and I think its wonderful! Not very many states have the ability to put you into a bay, the ocean and mountains like Maryland. I happen to love ALL these things.  But most of all I love steamed crabs, especially if you can get them with steamed corn. YUMMO!

Yesterday while the grandparents were out at a party, I got crabs and corn.  HEAVEN!!!  Being born and raised in MD I never realized that some people have no idea how to eat these yummy old bay crustations.  People cook them differently as well, here in MD we steam them but some boil..EW!

Did I mention last week my grandmom made the yummiest strawberry shortcake.  I've always bought it from the store but grandmoms was handsdown the greatest thing ever!  I don't know if I could ever eat storm bought again.

Finally today we say goodbye to a part of our family.

This is Irvin, a blue and gold macaw.  My parents got them when they were still married which means he's been in the family at least 12 years.  He was supposed to be my dads bird but quickly turned into my moms.  When my parents divorced he went from being certain of attention in a large living room to being on the summer porch.  He was abused when we got him and therefore can be very touchy *ahem* mean.  Truthfully, he needs more attention and someone to work with him regularly and I'm sure he will be a much calmer, nicer bird.  Either way, I'm a little sad, he's moving on.  However, he's going to a home where they have 5 other birds that are like their children and Irvin could use some birdy companionship and people to focus on him.

Have a fabulous week lovely's!


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to travel to Maryland specifically for the big crab feasts everyone talks about. I have a friend living up there now, and may have to visit in the near future. All the crab feast pictures I see always make me wish I was there.

  2. Pretty Macaw!

  3. I've never been to Maryland but it sounds amazing!

  4. I'm not always a huge crab person, but you totally just made it sound delicious!