{I confess...}
  • I'm using my lunch time to write this weeks confession.
  • This week has been CRAZY at work, I'm pretty much on my own and its alot to get done in an especially short week.
  • I've recently started see the fruits of working 55 hours a week, hello 5 hours of time and a half
  • I'm FINALLY on track financially after leaving my last job, I'm saving again and on top if not ahead of all my bills.
  • Did I mention I love getting paid and paying my bills, it makes me happy.  Probably happier then it does when I spend money on non bill items
  • We had the CRAZIEST storm yesteday, there was quarter size hail, gustings winds and trential rain, lightening and thunder.  Oh and I was crossing a bridge in all this, thank the lord if you've never had to drive in cross winds and a down pour over a bridge.
  • My mind has been RACING this week before bed, I guess all the stress in my life but I've had to take my anxiety pills. GAH!
  • I was way lame over the holiday weekend and was completely antisocial due to my bad mood and PMS.

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  1. I hear ya on PMS and bad moods..happens here too, so lame! sorry about the anxiety but thank God for modern medicine to help you get through.

    thanks for joining in!

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