These are my confessions..


{I confess} I got off at 3 today because of the holiday and I was sooo thrilled! 

{I confess} I busted my butt ALL day today and yesterday and have 3 hours of OT to be able to leave early and still keep up.

{I confess} this was my first week at work on my "own" (75%) and it was HARD, I spent all 40 hours working hard to meet my deadline.  But you know what..the weeks are flying by!

{I confess} it was also jeans day at work and we got our bonuses (if you earned one), I did (YAY) and it was tres exciting!  I got really lucky to get my bonus, hopefully I will always receive my bonus.

{I confess} my bonus was spent as soon as I got it, yay credit card bill!

{I confess} I'm potentially planning a weekend trip with my ex and no one knows.

I'm off to the country this weekend to work on my tan and lay by the pool with my dad and step mom.  I'm excited to relax a bit even if it does mean that I'll be away from the internet, cable TV and home phone service.  Thankfully, there's always my trusty smartphone!  I hope to be posting more pics and even taking my big girl camera to play with.
My grandmom that I live with was put in the hospital yesterday after not feeling quite well.  thankfully, they kept her overnight ran all sorts of tests and thank god she's ok.  They couldn't find anything wrong with her, her heart, cholestoral etc..they basically think it was an anxiety attack.  She's home now and not feeling 100% but much better.  We're a bunch of worries in our family and thankfully mine is 95% controlled and only occasionally sneaks up on me like yesterday.  None the less, please say a little prayer for my grandmom, shes the sweetest, most caring, loving lady known and the pillar of my family.

My grandmom and I Christmas 2009

Hope everyone has a fantastic fourth!

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  1. Any day I can wear jeans to work is my favorite! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend :)