Downy Ocean, Hon!

&&&& I'm back!!!  I had a fairly good time and certainly relaxed and worked on my tan.  Oh and did I mention it didn't cost me but about $200 and that's in candy, sunglasses, a bathing suit and flip flops.  I finally have some REAL color that typically, I would've had months ago.  The weather was more amazing then I'm seen in 20 years.. 85 with a breeze and complete sunshine.  It even rained on the way home.

I mean how can you not be happy and relaxed when you spend 5 hours a day looking out at this or

 I truely do love the beach but a long time ago I got stuck in a wave and it freaked me out so much so that I haven't been fond on the ocean very much in years.. not enough to boogie board or play in it like I used to when I was younger.  However, this year I did face my fears and brave the ocean and the waves alone and I was quite proud.  An when you couldn't find me at the beach I was at the pool, trying to cool off my burn and work on my tan a bit more.

The above picture was from the board walk at night..how beautiful!

(I have a few more photo's I took with my digi cam but i haven't uploaded them.  I happen to love these vintagey feeling ones taken with my cell.)

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