Major Sephora Haulage

I leave for vacation Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, still undecided by my Dad.  Anyhow, my bathing suit is 90 min away at our summer place, which i conviently forgot it there on MEMORIAL DAY, yes my friends I have been out in my bikini since then, le sigh!  Anyhow, I need bikni to wear to the beach and I couldn't find my last years supply so after work I went to the outlet mall that's 5 min away (so bad for my shopping habit).  After walking around for over an hour I ended up with nada.  I was hoping to come out with a bikini and a few maxi dressed.  NOTHING. Gah!

Saturday I had a hair appt then hit the mall by my salon.  Still nothing..except at Sephora.  I was debating doing a vblog but my skin is horrendous due to stress.  Needless to say when the lady at Sephora tell you, "Oh, think of it as an investment.." you know your in trouble.

Here's my haul.

HD Microfinish Powder
MUFE: HD Microfinish powder

MUFE Blush Brush (just like my MAC 187 and at $39 it's going back!)

GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device
Glo-Teeth Whitinening Kit

Brazilian Peel Clear
Brazilian Acne Peel

Somerville360°™ Tanning Towelettes To Go
Kate Somerville - Tan Towels

I'm hoping to be tan, with a white smile and clearer skin.  I'll update everyone on how it goes!

On this Sunday funday I've: washed clothes, cleaned out my make up case and organized it a bit, did the brazailian peel on my face and that's about it.

PS, I'm super thrilled to have 30 followers! Holy Cow!!!! Welcome to all my new friends!  Sorry, I've been a bit inactive but I've been working 50 hour weeks and dealing with a bit of drama. I'm trying to sort it all out..with the help of my ex :)

Have a great week everyone! I can't wait to head to the beach, I'll be in Ocean City, MD

I'll be here..working on my much needed tan..and taking lots of pictures!


  1. Hi Holly! I stopped in from FTLOB's comment day and just read your post! I hate trying on bathing suits! Good luck on your vacation ~ we are heading for the OC next Sunday!

    Have a great week and I love your cute blog!

  2. Enjoy the beach..I'm in the need of a beach vacation again! And can I tell you how excited I am we have a sephora in Salt Lake City now???!! Stopping in from FTLOB :)

  3. Hi Holly--I just found you via FTLOB, too. Your blog is so cute!

  4. Nice Blog...Following from Say Hi Sunday...Hi. Blessings!


  5. Popping over from FTLOB! Love the way you see beautiful (also think it's impressive that you can fit into your bathing suits from last year.) :)