Sometimes and Always#15

Linking up with the wonderful Megan @ Mackey Madness

Sometimes I wish my parents did certain things when I was little (ie braces, eye surgery)

Always, I'm thankful to be able to correct these things now. I JUST got invisalign today and let me tell you I am HURTING! Holy cow!!! Said eye surgery, I had at 19 which was thankfully covered by insurance.

Sometimes I wonder why I can't stay on my step mom's fabulous health insurance forever.

Always I'm blessed to work for a company that has health insurance (that I'm eligble for)

Sometimes I just want to buy a bunch of stuff. IE new Marc Jacobs Grayson, new sony camera, new work clothes.

Always I try to be thankful for what I have currently and try to become better at saving and planning for the future.

To anyone whose wondering my grandfather is doing much better, day by day he's getting back to his old personality, cracking jokes and becoming more active.

Ah,  I really wanted to post a update but I'm in quite a bit of pain, I think at 7pm I'm going to bed.

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