Sometimes and Always #17

Sometimes I don't always write in my blogger.

Always, I log into blogger every day and stalk (I mean read) all my favorite blogs.

Sometimes, I think I need a part time job,  weekends at the bar anyone?

Always, I remember that working 7 days a week is not for me.  This chick likes to relax.  However, I may be doing some direct sales stuff very soon.  Would anyone be interested?  What is your favorite direct sales company?

Sometimes, I shop online.  Ok, this is more like always.  I love to shop.

Always, I put things in my cart and just leave them there and hope to buy them later. Ahem, when the cash flow isn't so tight.

Sometimes, I watch alot of TV..

Always,  I love reality tv and sons of anarchy.  Jax, is way hot!
Sometimes, I wished I live in Florida or someplace beachy.

Always, I'm blessed that here in wonderful MD it's going to be 75 and sunny.


  1. i have online shopping cart filled with things that i'll probably never buy. but just in case, they stay there!

  2. Oh man I so want to go and sit on that pink beach chair right now!!! :O