If you really knew me
 you would know..

*I've been obsessed with pink my ENTIRE life, I even once had a bubble gum pink room
* I once had a lazy eye until I was 19 and I had eye surgery
*I'm VERY caring to the point of OCD, if your sick, injured etc I will bug the heck out of you
to make sure you are ok
*I suffer from anxiety and depression, don't worry guys it's totally under control now
*I have no patience, which I contribute to being 3 months early, I couldn't even stay in the womb
*I hoped to be married with children at 25, EPIC fail
*I'm a home body
*In fact I hate busy weekends, weekends are for relaxing
*i lost my vcard at 19 to my first love,  I don't regret it one bit.

stolen from the wonderful Fabulous but Evil

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