A new opportunity

I cannot tell everyone how excited I am to share with you my new love.

(charms: anchor, gold sparrow, cross and aquamarine heart birthstone in memory of my mom)

Above is my new Origami Owl locket and thusly the starting of my new business. After waiting 2 months to become a designer (this company is amazing, there is a wait list of 5,000 people) I'm officially an independent designer with the company.

Anyone how knows me knows how much I love anything that sparkles, is pink or can be customized.  A girl I've known forever posted a picture of her locket on Instagram and I was SOLD!  I ordered my first locket as a gift for my step mother that included a plate with the word "family" and all of her children's birthstones.  She absolutely loves it and get's a ton of compliments. I love that they tell a story but can be changed on a wim! Total win in my book!  Did I mention they are moderately priced as well?

I cannot wait to start selling these beauties and share my love with everyone else! 

Below is my website, you are welcome to order products from there.  Please tell your friends, family, feel free to link up to this post!  If you think you might be interested in hosting an online party where you can earn free products and discounted items, please contact me.  The company is also still looking for more designers as we are only a little over one year old and I'd love to talk about the amazing opportunity.


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