Hello, 2013!

Happy New Year !!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous time ringing in the new year, I spent mine very low key with my grandparents.  Honestly, there is nothing better then a group hug from both your grandparents when the balls drops!
With that being said, I'm not the type of girl to make a new years resolution.  After all who actually keeps those anyway?  Instead I'll leave you with a list of goals I have and this post as a way to keep myself accountable.
  1. Exercise/be more healthy- I will start taking vitamins daily and while I won't be joining the gym I will be trying to be more active at home/work. 
  2.  Give more- 2012 showed me just how many things I have to be blessed for and I want to give back, in 2013 I will donate more time, money and energy to others less fortunate then I.
  3. Stop wasting time- I will no longer give guys more then they give me, if they don't put in effort neither will I.  If I'm single, that's ok..I'm pretty awesome anyway.
  4. Reduce my debt-I will pay off all credit card debt in 2013. I will only have student loans and my car loan going into 2014.
  5. Build a savings/nest egg- In 2014, I plan to move out so I will need to have a substantial savings in case of emergencies and for any items for my new place.


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  1. I totally agree with you, Holly. Nobody keeps their New Year’s resolutions. Even I am guilty of that. Haha! Although, it’s still good of you to keep accountable of things you wish to accomplish throughout this year. And this I tell you: it’s great that you included paying your debts in that list! The awesome feeling of being debt-free is something everyone should experience and enjoy. Good luck on your activities!

    Melody Rosenbaum