Fridays Letter v.52513

 Dear BF: thank you for doing a 5K with me and only walking, I have not ran since 9th grade high school and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I do however appreciate you pushing me through the very end and supporting my horrible jogging abilities. Dear Origami Owl: thank you for being such an amazing opportunity, I am truly blessed by your amazing jewelry line and the ability to share my passion with all my friends. Dear Dad, Brother, Grandmom and Pop: you have been amazing the with the moving and supporting my decision to move up.  I could not have done it without your help and you continue to prove to me just how lucky I am to have an amazing family. Dear Dr. Z: Thank you for telling me my baby Bella, will most likely be a very large dog and hit 90 lbs.  While I knew she was no Yorkie, 90lbs is alot and more then half what I weight! Cue heart attack now! Dear Friday: after working atleast 50 hours this week I have never been more happy to see you and have a 3 day weekend, first thing on my list..new nails!  I haven't had acrylic in so long and it's time for an upgrade!


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