Who's ready to partay!!!

Who's ready to party with me?  Well, I mean I would love for everyone of my followers to come party with me in MD but how about an online party with Origami Owl?!? Here's the skinny:

Who: YOU!
What: an Origami Owl online party
Why: because everyone LOVES origami owl and why wouldn't you want to share Origami Owl with all your friends, earn free and/or discount products AND not have to clean your house, buy drinks or prep for a party!

:::How an online party works - there is no set time or place to show up to! Your and your friends just browse the website and "build" their locket virtually! You just send the link to my website to friends and they order, the order will be shipped directly to them! I will send you an email ecard to send to all your friends as well as create a Facebook page and upload examples, answer questions and play games to keep it interesting and fun for all your friends!   Once you have a party of $250 you start earning discounted merchandise or even FREE merchandise!  If your friends book an online party and you earn even MORE credits! I am here to answer any questions, give suggestions, and even place the order for you if needed!:::  The first 3 people to email me and host an online party will receive a FREE gift! Also anyone that places and order in the next 3 days and mentions this post will receive a free gift as well!



Feel free to share that post with friends via Facebook, email, text, snail mail however! I can't wait to share Origami Owl with everyone and see what amazing creations and stories we can all tell! If you'd like to feature me and Origami Owl on your blog, please email me! I love to share my story!!

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