Fridays Letters 070612


Dear Aunt Flo: I severely hate you not only do I get PMS but I also get super bitchy/emotional/irritable during my period.  This making working in a room with 100+ other people a total bear.

Dear Big Wigs @ Work:  I appreciate being off for the actual fourth of July.  However, I really anticipated to getting off early like we do before ever holiday. I even planned to take a half day to spend my morning at the dentist getting my pearly whites checked for straightness and cavities.  I really truly only PLANNED to work about 2-3 hours however, you didn't follow the plan and I had to work a normal work day just shortened. EPIC FAIL!  Next time we shall picky swear.

Dear Old Supervisor: I appreciate getting 100% of my bonus, for the first time ever!!  (WINNING)

Dear Bonus: Thank you for giving me the ability to pay down some debt, sadly before you even hit my bank account I was scheming how to spend you.  New Michael Kors, Mani/Pedi, Hair Done, Clothing, bills.  I'd like to say I already paid off one credit card and put money into savings.  I plan to put at least half of whats left into my other credit card but first a little fun tomorrow: dinner, movies, shopping and my hair done.

Dear Weather: 90+ temperatures in MD for days on end is CRAZY! If I wanted this I'd move to Las Vegas or Cali.  This chick can't handle these high temps for extended period of times, in the end of June/ beginning of July or well EVER!  I hate the heat.

Dear God: Please protect my family especially my grandfather, he has the cardiologist on Monday.

Dear Bestie Since Kindergarten: I can't wait to celebrate your 26th birthday with you tomorrow, I must admit I haven't found your perfect gift just yet.  Dinner, Magic Mike and much needed catching up will ensue tomorrow as soon as your hubby gets home.

Dear Hair Dresser: While I appreciate being able to get an appointment with you Saturday since you weren't originally working this Saturday but a 915 is a bit early.  This sister here doesn't like to get out of bed before 10 on a day I'm not working.  Thank goodness it will be worth it.

Speaking of hair, should I go back darker blonde/light brown or stay blonde?

Dark or Light? Brunette or Blonde?? 


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