Photo Dump o1

Magic Mike with my BFFE Ashley, I'm blessed to call this girl my friend since KINDERGARTEN! 

Happy 79th Birthday to the best man I know, my Pop!

My new whip, yes it's a pirate ship and that's how I spent my Thursday afternoon with 50 of my coworkers.
Twinning with a coworker, yes those are shot glass necklaces and pirate "vests" we're wearing.  I mean what's a pirate cruise without the proper attire?
Meeting @ Work: Learning the proper pirate lingo

Tatt, tatt, TATTED up!

 Becca and I enjoying a cupcake after our first bar of the night.  Everyone gets cupcakes when they drink, right?
OH and when we drink, we take pictures with  pretty shiny red doors.


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